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UK Local Area Codes 01 and 02

UK Local Area Numbers are also known as Virtual Phone Numbers, Geographic Phone Numbers or Town and City numbers. This type of number should be used to give your business a local presence, in an area or city in which you are not necessarily based.

The key advantages of UK Local Area Numbers:
* Build a strong local presence, in the areas which offer growth potential
* Report real time, to see which areas are generating the most interest
* No expensive call costs – Your customers pay just local rate for all calls to these numbers
* Manage your local number to be answered in any office, or any phone across the UK
* Have a local presence in over 300 UK locations that you have never had access to before

  • Monthly Fee
  • Inclusive Minutes
  • Out of Package
  • Setup
  • Mobile Surcharge *
  • Management
  • Free
  • 0
  • 7 ppm
  •  Free
  • 6 ppm
  • Free
  • £45.00
  • 1000
  • 6 ppm
  •  Free
  • 6 ppm
  • Free
  • £99.00
  • 2500
  • 7 ppm
  •  Free
  • 7 ppm
  • Free

All prices exclude VAT
* Numbers diverted to mobiles are subject to a surcharge.

Your business may be based in Glasgow, and you are looking to run a specific marketing campaign in Edinburgh. By using an Edinburgh dialling code number on all of your marketing material, this will allow you to develop a presence within Edinburgh that previously you would not have been able to do without actually being there. This means that you can grow your business, without the need to spend high sums to set up new offices over and throughout the UK.

Our call management suite will make it easy for you to report on your numbers, and to see where your customers are calling from. You will also be able to easily select your call routing, between landlines and mobiles, and from one office location to another. This flexibility will allow you to reduce your advertising costs and really focus on an area at a time when looking for new customers.

You will not only be able to enjoy the benefit of having a multiple geographic presence, but also your customers will only be paying local call rates to contact you – these are often included for free within landline and mobile packages. The price you pay each month covers the cost of routing the call from the local number to your destination.